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"How To Drastically Improve 
Your Game In 72 Hours"
Learn from 4 world-class game coaches who've helped thousands of men 
transform their dating lives and success with women...
  • Tired of having shitty conversations  with women, "stalling out" and being at a loss what to say besides "Hi"?
  •  Unsure how to navigate nightlife and not sure what to do at a club or bar? 
  •  Are you frustrated trying to approach women and start conversations?
  •  Do you feel like your lifestyle is unattractive to women?
  •  Do you need some REAL proven help getting over that stubborn plateau?
  •  Are you nervous and unsure how to get 'physical' with sexy women and 'seal the deal'?
If you're nodding your head 'yes' to any of these questions, 
then you're in luck...
Introducing Playboy Summit 2017
New York City  May 26-28 

4 World-Class Game Coaches 
and The Time of Your Life
Only 12 Lucky Men Will Get Tickets.
Get Your Ticket Now Before They Sell Out
And Registration Closes
Registration Closes TONIGHT, March 24th at 11:59pm EST
"Since the beginning of December 2016 when I attended the summit I've pulled 29-31 girls (can't keep track anymore), that is more than I did in the past 2 years combined. I can't pin point what clicked for me exactly but I'm telling you guys that the summit changed my game completely. These guys know what's up and make an effort to help you out. Also the other attendees were cool shit as well, I learned a lot from those guys too. I was expecting to meet a bunch of weird socially fucked up guys but everyone of them was a normal chill guy just looking to improve their game, and they all did. If you're looking to step up your game with some legit heavy hitting playboys then this is it.  100% changed my game and the numbers prove it."
Pat from Toronto
2016 Playboy Summit Attendee
Here's All The Nitty Gritty Details
New York City
May 26-28, 2017
Memorial Day Weekend
Who's Teaching? Christian McQueen, Dave Perrotta, Goldmund Unleashed and King Bless teaching BRAND NEW CONTENT
Why should I go? Because you're ready to blast past stubborn barriers holding you back from getting the women you deserve...
Here's What You'll Learn
Christian McQueen Presents:
Session 1: How To Maximize Your Game Potential
In this special seminar session never taught before, I'll be sharing How To Maximize Your Game Potential covering everything from your Game to your Style to your Presence. This ground-breaking session is perfect whether you're new to game or are a veteran. 

Session Overview:

-Maximizing Your Game Regardless Of Your Looks
-Style: Are You Dressing To Seduce?
-The Charisma Factor: My #1 Secret for Fast and Easy Seduction
-The Lifestyle Attraction Formula: How To Create A Lifestyle That Attracts Women

You'll also receive a Special Workbook and exercises to conduct during the session.

BONUS Q&A Session where you can get tailored advice on whatever questions you'll have.
David Perrotta Presents:
Session 2: How To Talk To ANY Girl (And Get Her Interested In You Fast and Easily)
In this special session, Dave will be teaching you how to effortlessly start conversations with any girl (regardless of how attractive she is), WHAT to say, HOW to say it, how to KEEP the conversation going, flirt and much more. 

Session Overview:

-Overcoming Your Fear of Approaching Women
-How to Start a Conversation with ANY Girl
-How to Nail a First Impression
-You’ve Started the Conversation… Now What??
-Approach Invitations (Advanced)

You'll also receive a special Workbook and Exercises to conduct during the session.

BONUS Q&A Session where you can get tailored advice on whatever questions you'll have.
Goldmund Presents:
Session 3: How To Turn Nightlife Into Your Own Adventure
New York prides itself on striving to be the best. People come here to make the most out of their lives, eat the best food, see the finest sights, and have the greatest nights of their lives.
I’ve lived in the city for over 12 years and can say with certainty that there is no other place in the world like it.
It is my goal to teach you how to navigate the nightlife and share my own personal tips on how to have a great time, approach and spark up exciting conversations with girls, sexualize the interaction, and create an atmosphere where you and everyone around you will feel comfortable and free.
Nightlife can produce some of the most exciting adventures in life, and I’ll equip you with an attitude that will be sure to make that happen.

BONUS Q&A Session where you can get tailored advice on whatever questions you'll have.
King Bless Presents:
Session 4: To Be King: How To Create Powerful Charisma, Confidence and Leadership Skills In Yourself
In this seminar session you'll learn the secrets and strategies behind powerful CEO's, Military Leaders and heads of Government with King sharing his personal experience and How-To's on how you can develop these very same skills.

The Seminar Session includes the following:

-How To Create Engaging Charisma
-How To Build Rock-Solid Confidence
-How To Create Powerful Leadership Skills

You'll also receive a special Workbook and Exercises to conduct during the session.
BONUS Q&A Session where you can get tailored advice on whatever questions you'll have.
Meet Your 4 Coaches Who Care About You Getting Real Results

Christian McQueen

Best-selling author of The Alpha Playboy Series, creator of 5 top-rated Game Courses and founder of Playboy Summit, with millions of readers around the world and hundreds of happy and successful coaching clients, Christian's unique no-bullshit blunt style will help you blast past your stubborn game plateaus and make serious progress in a short period of time.

Dave Perrotta

Dave Perrotta is a dating coach, world traveler, and best-selling author. Over the past 3 years, he's lived in 5 different countries and speaks both English and Spanish (because he loves those Latina chicas). He's also the founder of, where he helps guys start conversations with ease, flirt like a pro, and dominate the nightclub scene. 


Goldmund is the founder of, world traveler, adventurer and is often mistaken for "The Most Interesting Man In The World". Whether in the jungles of Peru, or in an upscale Park Avenue hotel lounge, Goldmund's unique skill-set in approaching and seducing women is second to none and his teaching talent is world-class.

King Bless

King is the CEO of KRBE LLC, a company designed to help others reach elite levels in their craft. Having served in the US Military as a highly decorated Officer, he's had the opportunity to pick the brains of some of the most successful people throughout the nation and abroad. From Senators and Congressmen, to CEOs, Admirals, Generals, rap and country stars, and the leaders of foreign nations military, business, and political sectors. Known for his powerful charisma and desire to help others, you will undoubtedly learn a staggering amount of information from him in his Seminar Session, To Be King: How To Create Powerful Charisma, Confidence and Leadership Skills In Yourself.

Don't Miss Out On The Opportunity Of A Lifetime And 
Get Your Ticket Before They Sell Out...
Ticket price
997 or $499
One-Time Payment or Split it into 2 Payments
    Registration Closes TONIGHT, March 24th at 11:59pm EST
    Here's What You'll Get
    Daytime Game Sessions

    You'll learn Next Level Game Skills in our Daytime Game Sessions. In a comfortable and cool NYC loft you'll be able to learn in a great environment surrounded by like-minded men and being taught next level game skills by instructors who actually care about you getting results.

    Friday May 26th 

    Saturday May 27th

    Total Daytime Game Sessions: 
    9 Hours!
    Evening Roundtable Dinner 
    Discussions and Q&A's

    A smash hit at our inaugural Playboy Summit, this is when we meet for dinner at exclusive restaurants to break bread and discuss all things 'manly'. This is a great opportunity to ask questions from the coaches, get to know your fellow attendees better and enjoy something NYC is known for: kickass food!

    Friday May 26th

    Saturday May 27th

    Total Dinner Q&A's:
    4 hours!
    Night Game Sessions

    NYC is known for incredible nightlife and being home to some of the best looking women in the world. With a 5am last call, this is a city who knows how to party and the nightlife is second to none. In these nighttime sessions you'll work with all the instructors on approaching, escalation and closing and the focus will be in venues where you can Talk and Approach Easily such as nice lounges, bars and rooftop clubs. 

    Friday May 26th

    Saturday May 27th

    Total Night Game Sessions:
    10 hours!
    Wrapup Roundtable Lunch

    Right before an awesome Free Bonus we're including in this gold-packed seminar, is our Wrapup Rountable Lunch. 

    We'll discuss the weekend's victories, the coaches will provide final feedback and we'll eat at one of the coolest lunch spots in NYC.

    Sunday May 28th

    Total Roundtable Lunch Session:
    2 hours!
    A Special Message From Goldmund:

    "I'm including this Free Bonus Session because late Sunday afternoons have provided some of the most fun I've ever had in the city. We will meet at a large beirgarten that has some great live Jazz and attracts the post-brunch crowd who still want to keep the energy of the weekend going.
    The vibe on Sundays is very different from Friday and Saturday nights and you'll find it much more relaxed and easygoing. Girls are much more open to meeting guys (I'll tell you why during my session), there is no competition, and it is always a refreshing way to end the weekend.
    We will be near the waterfront as well and can take a walk around for a photoshoot with the beautiful Manhattan skyline in the background during Golden Hour. You don't want to miss this!"
    Sunday Daygame Elite Session

    Goldmund is including an incredible Daygame Elite Session for the last day, as 
    a Free Bonus, and you definitely want to make sure you can attend it. 

    Learn how to cold approach girls on the street in the middle of the day in NYC and take these skills home for life.

    Sunday May 28th

    FREE Bonus Daygame Session:
    3 hours!
    28 Total Minimum Hours Getting Coached By Instructors Who Care...
    Who knew Christmas was taking place in May this year? 

    We could go on and on about how incredibly cool and life-changing this will be for you, but we'd rather you read what the 2016 Playboy Summit Attendees have to say about THEIR experience...
    Here's What 2016 Attendees Had To Say About This Life-Changing Seminar
    Niels from Amsterdam had this to say:

    "I’ll just start off with the conclusion: Well worth the money. 
    Got to see Christian, Goldmund, and David in action. They all have quite different styles and strengths. The combination of them allows you to discover your own strengths and points for improvement. 

    Everybody was respectful and helpful towards one and other. Always trying to lift you up and push you past your self-imposed limits. I’ve got great respect for all of the guys. These are guys that are great at what they do not because they happened to be born 6”4 chiseled supermodel pro-athletes, but because they push themselves and those around them hard. It’s obvious all of them have worked hard to get where they are with women and other parts of life and they inspired me to push myself harder as well. These guys are living proof that it can be done if you pour your heart and soul into it and that anyone telling you otherwise can go eat a bag of dicks (credit due to my fellow attendee Pat). 

    We all got laid and we all learned a lot & pushed ourselves to get results. But more importantly, we got to meet a group of great guys. I especially want to give a big shout out to all of my fellow attendees. Before the summit I was worried it would be a group of awkward guys without any game. Turned out all of you guys were awesome & I was by far the most inexperienced one of all the cats out there. You guys also helped me a lot & I hope I managed to be a positive addition to you guys! Biggest thing of all was definitely the instructors. 

    You guys all obviously genuinely cared about us and went the extra mile wherever needed. Loved seeing your different styles working out together. Also big thanks to David. He helped me a lot during our nights out and was my wingman for quite a few sets. He's a really nice guy with a fun attitude! "

    Erik from San Francisco had this to say:

    Christian, Goldmund, Dave, and team went above and beyond to make the playboy summit a huge success.

    Having the seminar and in-field coaching was a massive opportunity to take my game to the next level. 

    I learned a lot not just from the instructors but also the other attendees, and am already practicing back home what I learned. The ratio of instructors to attendees was excellent. You guys were great and available to answer any questions we had. 

    The summit exceeded my expectations. I did more approaches this week than I've done in the past few months. Although that's about a dozen, I got a date from day game and separately got a lay from night game. 

    I would highly recommend this immersive experience to any one looking to take their game to a whole new level."

    Johnny from Dubai had this to say:

    "It was a real joy and extremely beneficial to see you work up close. True talent. 

    Your techniques are very actionable and practical and they work. So you produce great content. 

    The summit was a great plan. Including the other helpers were absolutely needed as it would've been way too much for you alone. Great idea as it created a round table type setting for like minded guys."

    Pat from Toronto had this to say:

    "First off, I had a wild time with those guys in Mexico. I fucked 4 girls and would have been 6 had I not passed out on top of them hahaha.
    The coaches were great at coaching game but also normal guys, not the pickup artist bullshit everyone else is running. These guys know the game and know how to teach it.
    For the price ($997) just having one of those coaches it would be a great deal, but they brought 5 guys, all heavy hitters. With a 1:1 ratio of coaches to students it was a no-brainer to grab a ticket. 

    The money I spent was nothing compared to the value I got. 

    Having 5 top game coaches in the Caribbean for $997? Just take me money again.
    Christian, Goldmund, and Dave are exactly what they say they are online, true playboys. I watched these guys back up everything they have ever wrote about. 

    If you're looking to step your game and do it quickly I recommend getting coaching by one of those guys. But if you can get them all together in one place then don't hesitate, I didn't and it was the best $997 I've spent."

    As You Just Read, Attending Playboy Summit Is A No-Brainer,
     So Click The Button Below To Get Your Ticket Before They Sell Out
    Ticket price
    997 or $499
    One-Time Payment or Split it into 2 Payments
      Registration Closes TONIGHT, March 24th at 11:59pm EST
      Got A Question? Check Out The FAQ
      How old do you have to be to attend?
      You must be 18 years old to attend the daytime seminar sessions and at least 21 years old to attend the night time game sessions. 
      What does my ticket include?
      Your ticket gives you the following:
      1. Access to all daytime seminar sessions
      2. Access to all nighttime and daytime game sessions
      3. Access to Christian McQueen, Dave Perrotta, Goldmund and King Bless as coaches during the 3 day and 2 night event
      Where should I book my hotel or Airbnb?
      The location for the day seminar sessions are in Midtown, Manhattan, New York City, so we suggest booking your hotel (or Airbnb) in the Midtown area.
      The nighttime Game Sessions will be in a variety of clubs, bars and lounges in the Midtown area as well.
      Will I get individual attention, or just be another number in the group?
      The student to instructor ratio has been capped at 3 students for each 1 instructor. This is unparalleled access to each of the instructors for a fraction of what our 1-on-1 coaching fees cost. During the night sessions the group will be split up with 3 students going out with 1 instructor (this will be rotated so you get time with each instructor), so you'll get plenty of attention and won't be clumped together in a large group of guys.
      What's the dress code like?
      For the day seminar sessions you can dress in whatever you like.
      For the night sessions you'll want to dress 'up' in nice jeans, button up shirt and sport coat at the minimum, due to the strict dress codes in NYC nightlife venues.
      I don't drink. Will that be a problem?
      Not at all! If you're sober, you're still invited and won't feel pressured to drink in the night time sessions. In our last event we had a couple of students who didn't drink and they still had an incredible time and learned a ton.
      Are there refunds on tickets?
      All sales are final. This is a live in-person event and therefore no refunds are allowed.
      Where exactly in New York City is the day seminar sessions being held?
      The exact address will be sent to attendees 1 month before the actual event. The seminar sessions will be held in Midtown, in Manhattan, New York City.
      I'm a Game 'newbie'; will I get left out or feel stupid?
      Absolutely not! If you read through the attendees testimonials above, you'll see that they agreed that it was all about everyone improving and everyone had great attitudes. You don't have to worry about feeling not up to par with the other guys, as there's men from different game skill-levels represented and we're all there to help you succeed.
      Are you guys guaranteeing I get laid?
      No. Any coach, instructor, or 'guru' who guarantees you getting laid at their seminar is lying to you. That is out of our control. What we can control is helping you approach, flirt and close women in the greatest city for nightlife: New York City. In NYC there's actually more women than men (3/2 ratio) and they are down to hook up, so it IS a great city for game.
      Why is this priced so inexpensive? It almost seems too good to be true...
      We've priced this very cheaply for one reason: we like teaching and helping guys like you breakthrough stubborn barriers and get ahead in life and with Game. We could charge at least double these ticket amounts and still sell out, but we want to make it as affordable as possible for men who want to attend.
      I'm not from the United States. Will the game methods taught still work in my country when I go home?
      Yes! In our last Playboy Summit we had attendees from 4 different countries and the techniques taught in the sessions helped them when they returned home. Game is Game is Game. The 'language' of seduction is universal.
      What airport can I fly into in New York City?
      There's 3 main airports us New Yorkers use:
      1. JFK
      2. LaGuardia
      3. Newark
      We suggest flying into JFK as it's closest to Manhattan, however, any of those 3 will get you here.
      I'm worried that the other attendees may be weird, or uncool. How can you put my mind to ease?
      No worries, great question. It's common for many Game coaches to have different audiences. My audience has always been cool. Just the way it is. Dave Perrotta and Goldmund both have awesome audiences as well. At our last event the attendees were awesome and there were ZERO issues with guys being odd, or weird. While we can't guarantee everyone will be a rockstar, we can safely say that you'll have a blast meeting like-minded men who are hell-bent on self-improvement and learning to get better with game. Like attracts like and all of us instructors are pretty cool too. ; )
      Do you have a payment plan available for the ticket?
      Yep, we have you covered, if you're in a bit of pinch now, but want to make sure you don't miss out.
      You have 2 options on how to pay:

      1. Pay upfront $997 one-time payment
      2. Split the payment into 2 payments. One payment of $499 today and one payment for $499 30 days from now.
      This ensures you can definitely get your ticket today before we sell out.
      What are my payment options?
      For the One-Time Payment, you may pay with credit or debit card, or PayPal.
      For the 2-Payment option, you may pay with credit or debit card.
      What am I guaranteed to walk away with?
      You can rest assured that you'll leave the summit happy learning the following:
      1. Next Level Game Skills, Techniques and Secrets from some of the best Game Coaches in the world
      2. A 'treasure chest' full of memories from having the time of your life having fun and learning from cool men who really care
      3. A new network of like-minded men who can you stay in contact with for life
      4. A new set of game skills you can use no matter where you live helping you get the women you've always wanted
      I have a question not answered here. How can I get in contact with you?
      Send us an email at and we'll respond within 24 hours or less.
      The First Playboy Summit Sold Out In About 1 Week. 
      This One Will Sell Out Fast Too. Do You Want To Miss Out? 
      Click The Green Button Below Now
      Ticket price
      997 or $499
      One-Time Payment or Split it into 2 Payments
        JUST 1 TICKET LEFT!!!
        Registration Closes TONIGHT, March 24th at 11:59pm EST
        Let's Recap Why You Should Attend
        •  Learn From Coaches Who Care: Myself, Dave Perrotta, Goldmund and King Bless are here to help you and will ensure you get a TON out of this seminar
        • Next Level Game Skills: Tired of being on a game plateau? Then it's time to get the help you might need right now
        •  Energy Like No Other Here In NYC: The magnetic energy of NYC is truly magical and perfect for meeting women. If you're living in an area that hasn't been good to you for women, then reward yourself with a trip you deserve where the city will love you back
        •  Meet Like-Minded Men: We get it. It's hard to meet other cools guys like yourself who just 'get it', and who are all about self-improvement. At this summit you'll get the chance to make new friends and bond with cool guys like you
        •  Invest In Yourself: it's easy to spend money on things that come and go, but investing in yourself via education (and this is real life education) will last you a lifetime and the skills you learn will help you lead the life you REALLY want
        •  Have The Time of Your Life: If you're due for some real fun, isn't it time you rewarded yourself? When you finish this incredible weekend you'll walk away happier and more satisfied then you may have been in years...
        "This Sounds Amazing, But It's Probably Hella Expensive, Right?"
        With the amount of coaching you're getting, it would seem like it should be expensive, but we're keeping it priced as low as possible to cover our overhead and make sure that anyone who wants to attend can do so easily.

        Let's break down all that you're getting:

        Seminar Session Hours: 9
        Night Game Session Hours: 10
        Dinner Roundtable Q&A Hours: 4
        Wrapup Lunch Hours: 2
        BONUS Free Day Game Elite Session Hours: 3
        Total Hours: 28

        Myself, Goldmund, Dave and King, charge on average $200 per hour for coaching.

        So here's what it should be:

        28 Hours X $200 = $5,600 PER COACH 
        (remember, you're getting 4 coaches!)

        $5,600 X 4 Coaches = $22,400.00

        But we're not charging that much. Not even close, in fact.

        We're not even charging HALF that amount which would be $11,200.00

        We're not even charging 10% of what the total could be at $2,240.00

        The Total Amount to Attend Playboy Summit 2017 in NYC is only: $997

        So, you're essentially getting 4 World-Class PROVEN Coaches for a mere $35 per hour! 
        That's like paying each of us a joke of $8.75 per HOUR for 28 hours of coaching...

        Yea, we know. It's a helluva deal, so get it before they sell out, because they will, quick.

        And...we're even offering a payment plan making it even easier on you, if you prefer, so act now. 

        Click the giant green button below to get your ticket before they sell out.

        Ticket price
        997 or $499
        One-Time Payment or Split it into 2 Payments
          JUST 1 TICKET LEFT!!!
          Registration Closes TONIGHT, March 24th at 11:59pm EST
          "I would highly recommend this immersive experience to any one 
          looking to take their game to a whole new level." 
          -Erik (2016 Attendee)
          Get Your Ticket Now, Before They Sell Out
          One-time payment and payment plan available.
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